4 thoughts on “Join us for a Star Party at Sycamore park in Irvine on August 10th.

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  • Shameen Kalla

    Thanks Joan.
    Sounds interesting. Is there enough darkness to enjoy stars there? Is that when the perseid meteor showers happening as well? Do you know?
    Possible 4 people attending.

    • nadventr

      Hi Shameen,

      It will definitely be dark enough to see Saturn, Jupiter and the moon. Deep sky objects like galaxies won’t be visible because of the light pollution of the city, but we should be able to see some brighter objects.

      Yes, the Perseid meteor shower will be going on during that night, so we should see some good meteors. The Perseids are usually the brightest meteors shower of the year, so they will be bright enough to see, even in the city lights.

      Looking forward to seeing you there!

      Sean and Joan.

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