“Thank you for your invaluable assistance in helping me purchase my second home. You are an exceptional professional, committed, enthusiastic, and kind agent. Your sincerity and honesty made it an easy decision for me to choose you as my real estate agent. Remarkably, this time we were able to secure the property out of 25 other offers, exceeding my expectations. Throughout the escrow process, you tirelessly worked to ensure a seamless transaction. Your dedication to saving every penny as if it were your own money truly stood out.I am immensely grateful for your professionalism and unwavering support. Thank you once again for everything you have done.” -Yu, July 2023

“Working with Joan and Sean to sell our house has been an amazing experience! Joan’s partner Sean is Mr.Fix it!! They make an unbelievable team! They always have your back! Joan sold our house and found us another place right away! If you want hard working honest caring people call Joan and Sean. They will literally hold your hand while you transition onto your dream home! Don’t hesitate to call them because they truly will be there for you.” – March 2023

Let this letter serve as my very high letter of recommendation for Real Estate Agent Joan League. She assisted me in selling my home of 52 years and purchasing a residence in the community that I desired to live in.
She is relentless, she will scope out your house and assist you in making adjustments that are more appealing to the purchase eye. She will never not call you back she is available 24/7.
The sale of my home and new purchase was completed in a timely manner.
She never wasted my time showing me properties that were not appropriate to my needs or the amount that I wanted to spend.
I have the highest level of confidence in her and feel she would be able to properly assess you in any situation and figure out an effective solution. In future transactions, I would only have Joan represent me.

Jeanne Martinez -Oct 2022

Joan is very responsive and always on your side, patient and only recommends properties that meet your requirements. She won’t push you to rush decisions that you may regret in the future. I don’t have any communication issues with her and she understands what you need. She has a good sense of the housing market and is a great negotiator. She is proactive, efficient and willing to help take care of the property even after escrow. Her partner Sean is a great person as well and very capable. We have some safety concerns regarding a hazard issue of the house, and he helped us research that issue and provided detailed information. After escrow, he also helped us do home repairs of the issues found in the inspection report. -June 2022

I highly recommend Joan to any potential buyers and sellers. She will give you all the advice and let you make your decision/(s). She is patient and will work through the process with you. If you want a realtor that can go above and beyond, Joan is the one. Her work ethic is top-notch. She will get the job done even in a highly competitive market. -May 2022

Joan & Sean were referred to me to sell my home. Under the professional guidance of Joan, we priced very well, and in a few days, we opened escrow. With her strong negotiation skills, we sold it for a record high price in our neighborhood. The most admirable thing is their patience, their professionalism and serious attitude; They always anticipate their customer’s needs in advance. Especially, since I lived far away, and no matter how late or how early, they completed everything so well. I strongly recommend them when you sell or buy a home; do not miss these great realtors. Such quality people are hard to find! -April 2022

When I planned to sell my house, I was going to sign the contract with the agent whom I have been working with. However, my friends referred Joan League to me and told me about her successful selling house experience. Finally, I decided to go with Joan league after a few times of talking. It was the right choice. Joan league designed, helped find and manage all work, and helped paid upfront, which was amazing service. After the first open house, we got an offer that was beyond my expectation. Under the guidance of Joan League, we finished the transaction smoothly, including signing notarized documents etc. I highly recommend Joan and her husband, who have been a huge help in the sale of my home. -April 2022

My escrow closed today. How could it be so fast? From the day I put the property on the market until the close of escrow was only 20 days, this was with a loan! Unbelievably fast! The sale was lightning-fast, but the real key was the price, which was beyond my expectations. Having the right agent is so important. Judging the right listing price is also critical. Too high and no one would come and too low, it wouldn’t be good for me. We relied completely on Joan’s experience as an agent. The first open house was full of people and the offers came in immediately. Sean and Joan closely inspected the property before putting it on the market to stop the chance for negotiation by the buyer. I was totally freed from the headaches of repairs and preparation. I just made the decision over the phone. It was a perfect house-selling experience and I want to thank Joan for her professionalism and dedication. I admire their business practices, attention to detail, honesty, and integrity! I will have you sell and buy for me the next time as well! – February 2022

When it came time for us to sell our home, we immediately called Joan and Sean League with First Team Realty. This was an easy choice because we knew Joan from her regular visits to our neighborhood, our door, to hand out real estate updates on new listings and sold prices. She carefully came around during the Covid shut down with messages of concern for our health and safety. Joan lifted our spirits with her energy and smiles. Sean and Joan went above and beyond in helping to get our home “Open House” ready. They moved furniture, power-washed the patio, staged every room, and much more. They sold our home in 2 days; Then Joan guided us through the appraisal, inspection, and every step of escrow. Joan explained DocuSign, fees, and legal terms. She often interceded on our behalf. When you’re ready to buy or sell a home, you truly can’t go wrong with this husband and wife team.

— August 2021

A review of our annual Star Party from an 11-year-old.

September eleventh, 2021

The Sycamore Park in Irvine, California

In the astronomical party, Mr. and Mrs. League held, I had to wait in a long line to the telescope.  It’s rather obvious everyone was fascinated by Mr. League’s explanations of our solar system.  At first glance into the telescope, I understood why.  I only saw a moon-shaped planet, but as I focused and stared harder, there was clearly orange gas in the middle, and four tiny moons surrounding it.

“This is just four of the moons you see,” Mr. League informed me, when I inquired about them.  “There are so many others.  But they’re smaller, so you couldn’t see them even through this telescope.”

I learned that this is only the Saturn and Jupiter season, which means those two planets are closest to earth at the time, and we can’t see other planets even through professional telescopes since they’re simply too far away.  For example, Uranus are moving away from earth at this very moment.  And the sun has blocked our view of Mars.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Even the famous Griffith Observatory did not provide such a view to anyone.

Every moon is unique in its own special way.  For instance, Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, is entirely made up of water and may support life.  Io is also a moon of Jupiter’s, and it’s the most volcanically active body in the solar system.

Mr. League magnified the telescope.  That’s when I noticed that Jupiter was creeping across the screen like a sneaky little spider!  He has to frequently rotate the telescope to catch up with it.

I also saw Saturn, which seemed noticeably smaller in the telescope.  Mostly I had just seen a silver Saturn-ish shape, but that was still awesome!  I have never seen a being in our solar system through a telescope before, so this is absolutely a new experience for me.

I really appreciate Mr. League’s efforts, his facts are detailed and interesting and helped me learn so much more about the solar system.

Ron and Jeanette talk with us about their experience selling their home in Irvine, CA

“My husband picked Joan and Sean as our realtors to sell our home. This proved to be an excellent choice. Before hitting the market, Joan and Sean helped prepare the house with their vendors and hard work.

In 2 days, we received multiple offers, many being all cash. Joan guided us to pick the highest, safest and easiest to close buyer. We made the right choice and the transaction closed so smoothly and successfully. It was a very pleasant journey to work with Joan and Sean on the League Estates team. We highly recommend them!” Yorba Linda, CA -June 2021

Nancy talks with Joan about the sale of her house in Yorba Linda, CA

“I was referred to Joan by a good friend and am indeed very fortunate to have found a trustworthy, straightforward and extremely efficient agent. In recent months properties have been selling for a much higher value than asking prices. Thank goodness for Joan I was fortunate enough to become the proud owner on a beautiful home. She was ‘extremely’ prompt to send a firm offer that the seller accepted.

Lastly I must say that she was extremely persistent to make sure all the documentation was in place so that escrow closes on time and there was no unnecessary delays. I will definitely use Joan again for any future real estate transactions.” Yorba Linda – July 2021

Joan is extremely responsive and always willing to talk through every aspect of the home selling/buying process. We have been working with Joan for the last five years. She is very delightful and treats us not as customers but as family. With Joan we always know that she is on our side and understands what we want. That is why we exclusively work with her.

03/24/21 – Sania Beig, Seller of 222 Follyhatch

“Joan League is the best realtor I have ever had. She is very professional and responsible. She takes care of everything perfectly, she really helped me a lot with the house, I can’t imagine how long it would take for me to sell the house if she weren’t here. I highly recommend her to everyone, and I will for sure contact her as my realtor again if I were buying a new house.”

03/02/2021 -Seller


“Need an agent? Look no further. Joan worked so hard for us and kept on top of the lender, other agents, and escrow to make sure we would close on time. She is very professional and was able to guide us on the correct offer to make in a seller’s market to get the house we wanted.”

01/29/2021 – Buyer


Joan is a pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable of the area and how the process of selling and buying of a home is. Has a great plan for marketing with excellent resources and clientele to back up. Would definitely recommend!

06/23/2020 – jtueres
Sold a Condo home in 2020 in Irvine, CA

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pngfuel.com14-1024x218.png

My impression with Joan League is efficient, quick-action person which is my style too. So we had a good communication and cooperation during my selling experience. She is always responsive to any questions including strange questions in my head. If she couldn’t answer right away, she can always have her team to give me a satisfying answer. Her husband who is STEM style and handy is very helpful during home inspection, and always happy to do small repair works. Her work team is efficient too, stager, photographer are all doing an awesome job. They took only one week to have my home exposing in market. The beautiful setting and pictures do bring enormous traffic, so in few days we received multi offers, including two full-price offers. Joan gave me a professional analysis of different buyer and help me choose the most beneficial and reliable offer. It turns out to be a wise choice, escrow transaction closed in 10 days smoothly.”

06/12/2020 – Julie Cheng
Sold a Single Family home in 2020 in Tustin, CA.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pngfuel.com14-1024x218.png

“Joan and his husband are really responsible. We were buying a house for the first time, and it was nervous, but Joan always comforted me and was very attentive to our house purchase. From loans, HOA documents, home warranty, termite to final transaction signatures and conversion of utility bills, She explained the contents of every file throughout the process to us carefully. We planned to remodel by ourselves, Joan and her husband teach us how to maintain and repair the house and also lend us tools and guidance. Strongly recommend Joan and her husband.”

-06/10/2020 – Zhang Biyao
Bought a Single Family home in 2020 in Irvine, CA.

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“It was very lucky to have Joan League as my agent to purchase my first home. She was referred by my colleague who bought a house from her this year. I decided to use her after just one phone call. Her brain was very clear to answer my questions and she is very responsive, hard work and trustworthy. The whole process proved that I had made the right choice. Her experience, her professionalism have helped me to win all battles with escrow company, etc. She fought for every penny for me. I learned a lot from this transaction. Highly recommend her as your real estate agent.” – Buyer from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 10/08/2020
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pngfuel.com14-1024x218.png
“It was a great experience with Joan League selling my home. Because of her, there was no worry, and her professional high efficiency made the process go very smoothly. The most impressive part was at the beginning and her negotiation skills for the closing price. She gave me suggestions how to set up my home, and helped to set it up. She then guided me with her professionalism, experience and wisdom which made my home look a lot more beautiful and appealing for buyers. With her negotiation skills, she sold my home much above asking price in a short time. I will definitely use her again and highly recommend her to my friends. She created a miracle in the selling of my home.” -Chino, CA Seller 9/30/20


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When I first met Joan, she introduced me to her company and showed me her analysis of the current market situation. I was impressed and decided to use her to list my house. After she visited my home, she suggested the best price for the home and showed me how she planned to improve the property. At the beginning, I didn’t want to spend so much money on improvement of my home, but I followed Joan’s advice, with great results. The photos were very professionally taken, and so beautiful. After we put it on market, in 6 days we received 5 offers. There were over 100 families at the open house in just 2 days. It sold above asking price and above the amount I put into improvements, with multiple offers. This experience let me know the importance of the professionalism of an real estate agent. First, the price strategy. Second, detail descriptions to show the selling point of my home. Third, improving the house to give a great impression. Fourth, negotiation skills and controlling the whole process professionally, which made me have a such enjoyable house selling experience. I highly recommend Joan as your professional Realtor.”

03/16/2020 – feng xj
Sold a Condo home in 2020 in Irvine, CA.

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Our experience with Joan was outstanding! It was a pleasure to see all the properties we love and fit all our needs. Joan was fast, professional and very knowledgeable about exactly what we needed and desired. I recommend her to anyone looking for a stress free experience with fast results.

10/22/2019 – Michael K Levell

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Joan League is the best agent; she and her team sold our high end property in Temecula. We didn’t expect it to be sold so fast with multiple offers. We will keep supporting her, she is very responsible to sell our home from the beginning to the end. She spared no effort to reduce our cost with her strong negotiation skills. Her high professionalism and decisiveness impressed us. Thanks for my friend Betty who referred her to us. She is an honest agent you can always trust. She always thinks for her clients, fights for her clients. We will refer her to all my friends here and will let her sell my next home. I Strongly recommend her to anyone who needs real estate help. If you do, do not hesitate to contact her. You can’t go wrong.

Sold a Single Family home in 2019 in Temecula, CA.

Joan was referred to me by my sisters’ friend. It was out luck to have Joan as our listing agent. She planned and designed our home with her team before hitting on the market. She was tireless on working on our home and helping to negotiate buyer’s request repairs. On the first day of open house,  we got a full price offer and it sold with her professionalism. Although I was out of the country, with her guidance, she sold our house fast and for top dollars. We will use her in the future and refer her to my friends too.  

-Bing from Yorba Linda, CA 6/16/19

This is the second time I’ve worked with Joan League and her team. At beginning, I had no idea what price my house should be. Joan took me to her office to show me marketing trends for recent years, and drove me around and showed me properties on the market and let me understand current market. Then, we were able to establish the right price and received multiple offers in 2 days. During the transaction, Joan took care of everything, including request repairs from buyers. Her proactive and excellent communication skills with her clients and serious, thoughtful attitude made the transaction go very smoothly. Her professionalism helped to sell my house fast. I will definitely use her again.

-Betty from Temecula, CA – 6/11/19

Unbelievable facts. Could you believe it? I used to be listed my house through other property agent in 2017 and 2018 but I have never received any offer and no one cares my beautiful, comfortable and peaceful house! Surprisingly, my house was listed in early April 2019, and received an offer in  late April 2019. Who made this? This is Miss Joan league! An honest agency that works so hard and stand in my shoes! When I sincerely thank and praise, I am very happy to share with you the achievements of her works. First of all, Miss Joan is good at planning and designing in advance. Second, she worked tirelessly to personally explore the advantages of the house with me. Third, she was responsible and tireless to provide buyers with all-round information. Finally, she can help you think and do it for you! In short, she is an excellent agent who is very convinced, professionally competent, hardworking and passionate about working! I recommend it to everyone, so that everyone can enjoy the joy of an excellent agent service!

-Samuel from Yorba Linda, CA – 6/10/19

You’ve got the right team here , great communication , brilliant ideas for the interior and exterior of my house to bring it up to date . Everything moved along quickly and efficiently and the results speak for themselves , sold in two days at full price and thank god Joan was there to help with  all the paper work afterwards always making my life easier. You cant go wrong with team league.

-Matthew in Northwood, Irvine, CA – 4/26/19


Joan was very responsive and proved she was on our side during the negotiation.

Kristin McMullen
Testimonial for: Joan League at First Team Real Estate 1/30/2017 8:56 AM PST. Rating: 5 of 5 by Kristin McMullen


Joan recently helped me with a real estate transaction. She is hard-working, dedicated, prompt and very motivated. She followed through with both parties and made sure everyone was happy. I recommend Joan as a real estate agent.

-A Vakili
Testimonial for: Joan League at First Team Real Estate 1/18/2017 8:40 PM PST. Rating: 5 of 5 by A Vakili


We have worked with Joan twice for tours of China and she has consistently done great work. She is a very friendly person as well, so she has become more like one of the family than a tour guide. I recommend her highly to anyone going to China. July 19, 2010, John Prescot was joan’s client
John Prescot
Professor at Missouri State University
Testimonial for: Joan League at First Team Real Estate 8/13/2016 9:15 AM PST. Rating: 5 of 5 by John Prescot


She is the best!! December 4, 2012.
Steven Rosenblum
Testimonial for: Joan League at First Team Real Estate 8/11/2016 10:50 PM PST. Rating: 5 of 5 by Steven Rosenblum


My daughter started with Joan this fall. I can not give Joan enough praise! She has been amazing and my daughter truly enjoys her teacher and mandarin so much. I’m amazed at how much she has learned in a short amount of time. It’s very impressive. She has been instrumental in my daughters love of language. Such a great investment in her future. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn Mandarin. Khraich, CA, 2/17/2016
Altssa Khraich
Testimonial for: Joan League at First Team Real Estate 8/25/2016 10:41 PM PST. Rating: 5 of 5 by Altssa Khraich


My daughter started with Joan this fall. I can not give Joan enough praise! She has been amazing and my daughter truly enjoys her teacher and mandarin so much. I’m amazed at how much she has learned in a short amount of time. It’s very impressive. She has been instrumental in my daughters love of language. Such a great investment in her future. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn Mandarin. Khraich, CA, 2/17/2016
Altssa Khraich
Testimonial for: Joan League at First Team Real Estate 8/25/2016 10:40 PM PST. Rating: 5 of 5 by Altssa Khraich


I met Joan in China during our Root trip with our Chinees children. I met Joan at the first time in Xiushan. She guide us at the orphanage of our daughter and later on to Chongqing. Joan is a tour guide with a lot of knowledge of foreign countries en cultures which makes it easy to communicate with her. But of course she knows a lot of the China country so we learned a lot…more July 26, 2010, Johan was Qiong’s client
Johan Vonk
Managing Director, Organization&Financial Improvement
Testimonial for: Joan League at First Team Real Estate 8/13/2016 9:04 AM PST. Rating: 5 of 5 by Johan Vonk


Joan works as a volunteer for The Eline Foundation, Stichting Eline-de Cirkel is Rond (Dutch name). Our foundations supports schoolchildren who go to Junior or Senior High School. Joan is our translator, contact person for the school, contact person for the children in China. She also worked with us when we visited Chongqing and the school the first time. She did everything she could do for us. She was more then a volunteer, she became our friend. I can recommend her from the bottom of my heart. Wilma Leermarkers July 21, 2010,
Wilma Leermarkers
Chairman of the Board at Stichting Eline-de Cirkel is Rond
Testimonial for: Joan League at First Team Real Estate 8/13/2016 9:13 AM PST. Rating: 5 of 5 by Wilma Leermarkers


When we traveled in China Joan was our favorite tour guide. Unlike some other guides she didn’t routinely go through the motions- she was genuinely interested in interacting with us and providing the information that we were most interested in. She is bright, articulate and fun. Go to where she is in China, just to be with her! August 13, 2010, Betty-Ann was Qiong’s client
Betty-Ann Heggie
Betty-Ann Heggie Womentorship Foundation
Testimonial for: Joan League at First Team Real Estate 8/13/2016 8:58 AM PST. Rating: 5 of 5 by Betty-Ann Heggie


Ms. Joan has been tutoring me for the past year while I was taking an online Mandarin course. I struggled with the class, so I contacted her for help. I was blown away by her worth ethic, teaching skills, and overall commitment to me as a student. She has never been late once and every time I’m with her she has a positive attitude and keeps me motivated even if I’m feeling drowsy. I have learned a lot with her. She is great because of her passion for teaching students and ability to work with each individual student’s needs. Ashely, 05/15/2016
Ashley Djavaherian
high school student
Testimonial for: Joan League at First Team Real Estate 8/26/2016 8:33 AM PST. Rating: 5 of 5 by Ashley Djavaherian